Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cam Crag Ridge.

Last Sunday was a perfect day and Lyn, Pete and Bella set off early up Langstrath to make a recce of Cam Crag Ridge on Rosthwaite Fell; their festival programme starts with this walk on the first day of the Keswick Mountain Festival this year.

We started climbing diagonally from Blackmoss Pot on Langstrath Beck towards Woof Stones 300m, at the base of Cam Crag Ridge, just above the tree in the picture.

Here we are at the tree at about 300m with a fine view over Langstrath towards Sergeants Crag and Eagle Crag.

Woof Stones take their name from Woof Gill to the south which marks the boundary between Rosthwaite Fell and Glaramara, above the stones the steep scrambly ridge provides an adventurous route to the summit of the fell...Rosthwaite Cam, 612m.
The silvery ribbon of Langstrath Beck catches the early afternoon sun far below in the valley. Bella watches the sport on the ridge below from the spot where we stopped for lunch. The ridge provides 250m of fine sustained scrambling at a level that most walkers with a head for heights can handle; the difficulties can be avoided by keeping to the right of the ridge.

The summit of Glaramara, 783m comes into view towards the top of rocky Cam Crag Ridge.

The rocky sections of the ridge are broken by grassy platforms which provide respite from what is both an energetic and exhilirating climb.

We dropped down into Langstrath again by way of Tansey Gill from the Tarn at Leaves on Rosthwaite Fell. As the afternoon shadows lengthen we head back down the long valley towards Stonethwaite.


BordoggyTerrier said...

Well a super big GruffHello to you here! I have been a paw plodding through Twitter and have come to see where you live here - Mummy and Daddy2Legs were overcome with joy at your blogging home, they love walking, Mummy preferring trails and Daddy preferring to have her hike up mountains (well fells, same thing she says!) - thus they loved your pictures here, they have been taking some of the marvellous me in various walking trail locations, Mummy attempts to put the pictures to music, it is a niche market though, for Mummy's "movies" are not over popular yet - despite having me in every shot! We are so looking forward to coming here again! Take care, Barnie x

Lyn Armstrong said...

Thank you Barney, I will be posting lots more for your Mummy soon.