Sunday, 4 September 2011

Out and about today

Sometimes its just great to snap away at odd things on the KR guided walks, things that you sometimes take for granted.  So today just for a change I thought I would show you some of the things we saw.  This for instance was a wonderful, full, bubbling beck, gurgling and splashing down over its stones and we stopped beside it to admire its course.  We followed it for some time before taking off up a gentle hillside on an old track just discernable in the grass.

It wasn't long before we came across this very ancient cairn. It must have been here for a very long time and what a view as we stood around and admired its stones.  The conversation turned to where they might have come from and I ventured the theory that each time someone passed by in the area they had to find a stone and carry it to the spot, others thought they might have been taken from a Roman road nearby.

We soon came upon another odd structure in our changing landscape, and someone said if they had been a child they would have wanted to stand on top of it.... Well it was inviting and it was shaped just like a giant loaf, completely on its own in all its glory with the Pennines for company behind it.

Lastly, you have a view of nature shaped by man in the form of a great dam across a reservoir which makes it look very square and sort of cut off at the end. You can see that autumn is on its way too as the bracken is starting to change colour, but what a glorious day it was.

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