Thursday, 14 July 2011

Helm Crag to Stonethwaite July 13th 2011

Helm Crag's rocky, summit not for the feint hearted
It was a perfect day yesterday as we boarded the 555 bus at Keswick Bus Station to make our journey over Dunmail Raise to Grasmere. Once there we set off up Easedale Road towards Helm Crag. 

I seem to recall that Wainwright never actually climbed this little bit of rock, tempting though it is. There is a very sharp drop off the top if you make a mistake so we did not encourage our group to climb it.  Instead we suggested posing for a photo.

Once we set off again the ridge began to be sprinkled with odd Coast to Coast walkers who were burdened with heavy loads.  We saw a few all day and chatted to the odd ones on the way. It's surprising how they like to keep stopping and nattering to folk, maybe the large rucksacks they carry are their excuse for constant respite.  It was certainly hot at times but windy and fresh on the summits.  We continued along our ridge until we eventually came up over Greenup Edge and changed valleys into Borrowdale.

We then started the descent down past Lining Crag where we met a couple of delightful chaps who were again resting from their endeavours and who were eventually going to camp wild somewhere before Grasmere. Our path took us down past Eagle Crag which is magnificent viewed from this angle and eventually it gave us a splendid photo opportunity as we neared Stonethwaite, because there is a lovely view past a sheep shelter back up the valley.
A distant Eagle Crag
All we had to do was wait for the bus after this and have an open top ride back to Keswick, it was delightful.

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