Saturday, 21 August 2010

Comments Moderation

We love to receive your comments but someone sent some spam recently so I have been forced to set up comment moderation. So in future please still send them in and I will just read them first to make sure no one tries to take advantage of the blog. Meanwhile I have had to repost the last posting to get rid of the spam so Tess if you are out there, sorry I lost your valid comments.

We will post again soon but I just wanted to say what a good company Blacks are because I recently had trouble with my new SatMap GPS and they had it repaired in a flash and were extremely courteous, so well done Blacks and thanks to SatMap for fixing the problem too.

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Tess said...

Hello Lynn! Spam, hate the stuff - it's annoying when it turns up on the home and work e-mails (especially at work, when I think it's related to my job!). Hope you manage to sort the darn thing out :-)