Thursday, 1 July 2010

Fairfield Horseshoe

We went up Fairfield via the Horseshoe route today in the awful soggy rain. Everything was wet through by the time we landed back home, but we had good company and enjoyed it. So our thanks to all the lovely people who came with us and sorry not a single photo opportunity and I don't think anyone had more than 2 bites of their sandwich either it was so windy and wet.

The three doggies who came too were entertaining to say the least; Bella was very naughty and kept barking at any sheep she saw looming out of the mist, Hamish, who noted Bella's antics decided to pull and would have liked to join in, but, 'angelic' Angus just strolled along without a care in the world and no sound at all.

On arriving home I emptied out my rucksack and discovered a partly dissolved 'gravy bone' biscuit stuck to my compass........and a very wet £10 note which luckily escaped the gravy bone. I think it's time I looked for a rucksack cover, don't you?

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