Sunday, 2 May 2010

Layout improvements

If you look under the title photo you will notice I now have a couple of headings for the August and September walks. Just click on the writing and up comes a new page with the walks for that month. To return to the main page click on Home. Please note that Alison and Halle have yet to add their walks to the list, so some more will appear to fill in the gaps and once again I will post these in grey so you know which they are.


kira said...

Hello Lyn, you are spending a lot of time to keep the Keswick Rambles Blog running! Thank you very much for your efforts to bring the Lakes closer to us, who are so far away. I've just had a look at the September walks - wow, I have booked the right time! I will be in Keswick from September 19th to 26th, and there are a lot of walks with you. Great! I am happy that this time the Black Sail Hut walk is within my time in Keswick, because I always wanted to do it but unfortunately I always missed it. But first things first, of course, and the first thing is the Mountain Festival, starting on the 19th. I'll be there, this time via Birmingham.

Lyn Armstrong said...

I have just uploaded the changes to the Keswick Rambles Website too. Black Sail Hut is a lovely walk, I always enjoy it!