Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The best guided mountain walks in the English Lake District

This blog was developed by me to showcase Keswick Rambles' commitment to offering the best guided mountain walks in the English Lake District. Given that aim, I intend to develop the blog over the next few days or even weeks to reflect some of the comments which you have kindly given us on our walks. Some of you follow this blog avidly and it is a real compliment to know how much you appreciate my efforts. I cannot promise that the changes will all happen tomorrow but I have taken on board some ideas and other inspiration comes from Blogger who now offer a much better product than they did when I first started using them.
Your comments are very welcome and in the next few weeks I hope to improve the system whereby you can send in your photos and descriptions of our wonderful walks together. The whole idea is to build up a significant number of walks descriptions so that anyone who has not been out with us before can see for themselves what the walks are like.

So keep an eye out, you may be surprised at the result, I have taken the first step which is to significantly increase our Broadband usage so that we can now show far more photographs than our previous allowance gave us. Also, if you like what we do, please tell others. Word of mouth is the best compliment of all but we are not immune to putting links onto this blog with you reciprocating on yours ;-)

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