Sunday, 18 January 2009

Fashion Dog

Some of you will know that Bella does not like wearing her expensive, Finish coat. It was bought to keep her warm on the hills when she was a small Puppy last March. I bought it a little bit too big so she would grow into it and now she has but she does not like wearing it, and she sulks. Sometimes she just sits down and refuses to move!

So I usually carry it in my rucksack just in case. But in the very cold, freezing fog on Pike O'Blisco, I put it on her. She was not pleased but came round to our way of thinking when she stopped shivering. For a Border Terrier she does have a very good natural fur coat of course and it is full of oil which keeps the wet at bay so her fur does not become saturated like other dogs. Even so, when she comes inside the house with wet fur she makes a B line for the rugs in the house and falls on her back kicking and rubbing it against the rug to dry her fur. So our rugs can sometimes be soggy but not our doggy!

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kira said...

Most probably Bella was the bravest of the eight "brave souls" who made it to the top of Pike O'Blisco that day. How afraid she was during the scramble, but she did very well. And - after wearing her coat for a while - she seemed to feel much better and so became more courageous in descending to Great Langdale. Well done Bella!

Be always a good dog and do what you'll be told. Hope to meet you again soon. Here's a big kiss for you!!!